KUMC-LP Methodist Radio 101.7 FM  Program Guide

M-F   Monday thru Friday      SAT-Satuday only    SUN-Sunday Only   

Time:             Program:                                                      Host:

6:00 a.m.       LISTEN TO THE BIBLE (1 min)                   Max McLain (Mac McClaim Ministries)

7:30 M-F        WOMAN AFTER GODS HEART                 Elizabeth George (Ambassador Ministries)

8:00 M-F        MUSIC TO WALK BY                                  Local production for exercising (Chris Rouse)

8:00 Sun        MUSIC AND THE SPOKEN WORD            Bonneville Distribution SLC

8:30 M-F        PROVERBS 31                                            Proverbs 31 Ministries

9:00 Sun        THE LUTHERAN HOUR                              Lutheran Church Production

10:00 M-F      MONEY MINUTE                                         Steve Pamaranz Ministries

10:00 M-F      MINUTE OF DECISION                               Billy Graham (Ambassador Ministries)

10:00 Sun      DAY 1                                                           Day One Ministries (Peter Wallace)

10:30 M-F      THE GARLOW PERSPECTIVE                   DR. Jim Garlow (Ambassador Ministries)

11:00 M-F      THE LIGHT HOUSE REPORT                     Steve Douglas (Crusades for Christ)

11:00 M-F      A WORD WITH YOU                                    Ron Huchcraft Ministries

11:00 M-F      COMMUNITY NEWS                                    Local News Happening

11:00 Sun      SUNDAY MORNING SERVICES                 Rupert Methodist Service Live

11:30 M-F      DAILY LIFE FOR DAILY LIVING                  Ann Graham Lotz (Ambassador Ministries)

12:00 p.m.      LIGHTEN UP                                                Ken Davis Compassion International

12:00              RENEW MY HEART                                    Local Production (Chaplan Daryl McCall)

12:00 M-F      THE PLANT DETECTIVE                            The University of Montana (Flora Delaterre)

12:45 M-F      WOMEN TODAY                                          Vonetta Bright (Ambassador Advertising)

13:00 M-F      BIBLE PATHWAY                                         Bible Pathway Mimistries (Rick Hash)

13:00 M-F      INSIGHT DAILY                                            On The Strip Network

13:30 M-F      BIRD NOTE                                                  Tune To Nature (WNPR)

13:30 M-F      FAMILY MATTER MINUTE                           Dr. Tim Kimmel

13:30 SAT     UNDER THE RADAR                                    Westar Programs On Line

13:45 M-F      SNAP SHOT                                                 Jim Burns Home Word Ministries

13:45 M-F      HEART BEAT ENGLISH                              Salvation Army

14:00 M-F      HEART BEAT SPANISH                              Salvation Army

14:00 SAT     THE POND                                                   Children Program

14:45 M-F      SPEAK UP WITH COMPASSION                Wes Staffard Compassion International    

15:00 M-F      LISTEN TO THE BIBLE   3 MIN                   Max McLain (Max McLain Ministries)

15:00 FRI      WONDERFUL WORLD OF LIFE ENG         Salvation Army   

1500 SAT     VISIT WITH MRS. G                                      Bible stories alive (Domain Communication)

                                                                                            Toronto Ontario Canada

1545 M-F      UPWORD                                                       Max Lucado

1545 M-F      YOU'RE NOT ALONE                                    Dr. John Vawter

1600 M-F      TIPPS                                                             Dr. Bill Ziegler

1600 M-F      READ TO YOUR CHILD                                Local reader in the community

1600 SAT     KID LIT                                                           Creative Public Radio

1630 MON    WONDERFUL WORD OF LIFE   SPN          Salvation Army

1630 M-F      ISLA  EARTH                                                 Catalina Island Conservancy

1630 SUN     ACTION SPEAKS                                          Action Radion Speaks.Com

1645 M-F      THINK ABOUT THAT                                    Jim Brown (Ambassador Ministries)


Our Worship service is broadcast live every Sunday beginning at 11:00 a.m.

The service is rebroadcast every Thursday at 5:00 p.m.

































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