Rupert's Eleventh pastorate George Roseberry  (1934-1938) began his ministry in the Idaho Conference at Fruitland Idaho in 1928. On December 17th of that year he married Arden Marie Wrench. In 1930, he was ordained. They had two daughters Coralie Van Hord and Eloise Arden, married a MethPic3aodist minister, the Rev. Paul Jewell. It was during the pastorate of the Rev. George G. Roseberry, that the Kimball two-pipe organ was purchased. During this period our church had the largest youth organizatiion membership in its history.  Vacation Bible Schools have been held many years. One of the Earliest was sponsered by the Penecostal, Baptitst, Christian and Methodist Churches. The teachers represented all these denominations and Rev. George Roseberry was dean. In later years, the Methodists have sponsored their own.

       The Conference Journal shows Rupert with 413 full members, 283 in church school, 65 Epworth Leaguers, and 35 Junior Leaguers. Paul had 83 full members, 86 in church school, and 20 Epworth Leaguers. Pastor Roseberry received $1500 in salary from Rupert and $150 from Paul.

       A new Kimball, two-manual pipe organ was purchased for the church by the Ladies' Aid Society in December, 1937. The list price was $2500, but Paul Anderson of the Anderson Piano Company in Twin Falls waived his $750 commission. Mrs. T.R. Neilson of Pocatello gave the dedicatory concert the first Sunday of 1938.


This is the Choir loft and Pipe Organ in the second church. When the third church building was built, the organ was rebuilt in a larger enclosure, and is a lot more effective than the original enclosure.


Here, the pipe organist sat with her back to the choir with a mirror to look through in reverse. Now that took a lot of talent!

Pictures & story by Gary Schorzman

This is a picture of the organ pipes in the enclosure that exist today, bringing joy and amazement to both members and visitors alike.

Picture donated by Church Archives.

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